7 DIY Home Accessories You Can Make in a Weekend

Home is a place where you can get peace and comfort when you are tired and stressed. A home will become your paradise if you put some creative ideas in it. You can decorate your house in various ways and that will give a new look to your home.

Here are the 7 DIY home accessories that you can make in a weekend to give a new look to your home.

DIY Home Accessories – 1

Wooden shelves:

Do you know wooden shelves are the best way to organize your stuff. You can use different sizes of wood and can customize it according to your needs. This is a DIY project that is so simple that anyone can make it.

DIY Home Accessories – 2


If you don’t have a chalkboard yet then you should start using one. I am sure you have seen those beautiful pictures of the houses where the walls are completely painted and the chalkboards are placed everywhere.

A chalkboard is a great way to keep a note of your things like your phone numbers, appointments or to remember the date of your birthday.

DIY Home Accessories – 3

Wall hooks:

It is not a secret that we have a lot of stuff inside our home. To keep it safe and organized, you need to hang some hooks on the wall and you will be able to store everything easily.

DIY Home Accessories – 4

Wall clocks:

Are you tired of looking at your mobile phone all the time? If yes then you should hang a clock on the wall and get an instant smile on your face.

DIY Home Accessories – 5

Picture frames:

It will be a great way to add some life to your room and you will be able to show your creativity. There are so many options available to make a picture frame. You can make one with different sizes, shapes, materials, color and size.

DIY Home Accessories – 6

Customized coffee table:

If you don’t want to buy a coffee table, then you can make one yourself. You need to first decide what material you want and what shape you want to make. You can make one with a glass top, wood top, steel top or even a marble top.

DIY Home Accessories – 7

Customized curtains:

You can easily make curtains with different sizes and designs. You can even create one according to your needs and style.


These DIY home accessories are the best way to give a new look to your home. These are so simple and easy to make that even a child can make it. So, start planning now to make these DIY home accessories and see the difference in your home.

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