Sustainable Home Accessories Brands for Eco-Friendly Decor

Introduction to Sustainable Home Accessories Brands

Making eco-friendly home decor choices is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. With so many sustainable home accessories to choose from, it’s easy to find stylish, earth-friendly products that match your unique style. To help narrow down your search, here are 10 sustainable home accessories brands that feature accent furniture and earth-conscious products. From resource efficiency to fair trade materials, these brands are sure to have something for everyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint while still having the perfect accent pieces in their home.


The first brand on our list is JOTULY HOME. They specialize in creating modern furniture and home decor from sustainably grown wood and bamboo. Their collection includes chairs, tables, shelves, beds and more – perfect for adding an ecofriendly edge to any living space. Plus, they use minimal processing in their production process which ensures that the natural beauty of the materials shines through.


Next up is SEEGER LIVINGROOMS, offering a selection of unique pieces made from sustainably harvested wood and recycled plastic. Their modern designs are both stylish and functional and come with a positive environmental footprint since none of their materials come from unsustainable sources. Plus, all of their products are produced locally with fair trade labor practices ensuring quality craftsmanship every time.


For those looking for a classic touch with a little bit of rustic charm, BIRCH LANE is just what you need! They offer handcrafted accent furniture made with responsibly sourced woods and materials like rattan and seagrass for a timeless look. Even better, all their furniture is designed to be modular so you can easily reconfigure your living space when needed without compromising on style or sustainability!


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Eco-Friendly Furniture from Reclaimed Wood

Ecofriendly furniture is becoming increasingly popular as more people understand the need to reduce their environmental impact. Reclaimed wood has been a great source of sustainable, renewable materials for furniture production. Reclaimed wood is recycled from other industries or buildings that are no longer usable, like old barns or factories, and is often used to create beautiful accent furniture pieces with an ecofriendly focus.


When looking for ecofriendly furniture, be sure to find manufacturers who practice green manufacturing processes and sustainability initiatives. Sustainable production should involve reducing any waste and making efficient use of resources and renewable materials where possible. Green manufacturing practices like resource conservation and recycling can help support a zero waste production process in order to reduce environmental impact.


By investing in ecofriendly furniture from reclaimed wood, you can rest assured that you’re doing your part to protect the environment by investing in sustainably produced products with minimal environmental impacts. With so many sustainable home accessories brands on the market now, it’s easier than ever before to add beautiful accent furniture pieces into your home without sacrificing your conscience for style.


Upcycled and Recycled Rugs & Carpets

Upcycled and recycled rugs & carpets are among the most stylish and sustainable home accessories available. In this day and age, more people are looking for ecofriendly decor and upcycled items, as they offer an effective way to reduce waste. Plus, these pieces tend to be uniquely designed and crafted from materials that have a low environmental impact.


Upcycled/recycled rugs are made from durable materials like cotton, hemp, jute, sari silk, wool, nylon and polyester—often sourced in their postconsumer state. This means that items such as clothes, textile manufacturing scraps or other fabrics would find a second life as floor coverings for your home. The spun fibers of these products provide a soft texture and beauty that will add character to your space.


When it comes to choosing ecofriendly decor, there are many advantages and one key benefit is being able to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only will you be helping to reduce landfill waste by buying upcycled items but you’ll also be decreasing the demand for new raw materials—which are oftentimes pollutant in nature. Furthermore, some upcycled items may be easier on the wallet too!


When shopping for types of floor coverings such as rugs or carpets made from upcycling materials, it is important to find brands with ethical practices when it comes to sourcing the material they use for manufacturing. It’s also important that their provenance can be traced back so we can see what materials were used in production. This can help us decide whether we want to support that particular company or not.


Aside from being more mindful of the environment by buying reused products like rugs and carp


Organic Linens and Pillows

When it comes to creating an ecofriendly home, one of the most important elements is organic linens and pillows. These fabrics are produced with the environment in mind, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy a sustainable, comfy bed or sofa without compromising the health of our planet. To help you shop for organic linens and pillows, we’ve compiled some of the key details you should know about these items.


The fabrics used to make organic linens and pillows are made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool, or even muslin – all of which are free from toxic dyes and chemicals. Additionally, these materials are sourced sustainably so they don’t take an unnecessary toll on our environment. With regards to manufacturing practices, various certifications may be applied to ensure quality throughout the production process. Some of the more common certifications include GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OekoTex Certified Cotton, and ECO PASSPORT (Human Toxic Free).


Organic linens and pillows also often feature traceability through tracking their fibers from source to store. This allows customers to know exactly where their fabrics have come from and what processes they have gone through along the way. Finally, when it comes to cleaning these items, you should always follow the provided care instructions for best results – as well as brush up on how to launder them yourself as needed!


Organic linens and pillows can help create a beautiful home while also protecting our planet’s resources – perfect for those who want peace of mind while still enjoying a comfortable space! If you’re looking for stylish yet ecofriendly accent furniture pieces, be sure


Glassware, Serveware & Table Decor Made of Recycled Materials

In the midst of a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to take care of our planet. That’s why today we’re highlighting accent furniture and home accessories made from recycled materials so you can rest assured that your decor is beautiful and sustainable.


Recycled materials are an ecofriendly way to furnish your home. They are sourced from responsible manufacturing processes, helping to reduce waste and conserve energy. You’ll find glassware and serveware made from these materials, as well as tables decorated with textiles crafted from recycled fabrics. Even furniture can be crafted using responsibly harvested wood and metals for a truly unique look.


It’s easy to find brands who prioritize sustainability when it comes to accent furniture and home accessories. Look for brands that rely on sustainable sources for their materials, like Wildcrafting Woods or Wilder Goods. These companies use reclaimed wood and metal to create stunning works of art that bring a unique touch to any space.


For those who want something more contemporary, there are also plenty of recycled glassware options available. Barwell & Jones offers glassware in multiple sizes and shapes made with recycled glass bottle bottoms, while Studio Blume creates delicate serveware pieces with locally salvaged glass bottles. These pieces will add an elegant touch to any occasion not only look good but also help reduce waste in the environment!


Last but not least, don’t forget about table decor! Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just want to spruce up your dining room, adding pieces made from recycled materials is a great way to go green. Ville & Bloom makes amazing jacquard napkins inspired by nature out of salvaged cotton leftovers or found deadstock fabric


Handcrafted Lighting Fixtures with Natural Material Elements

When it comes to creating an ecofriendly home, handcrafted lighting fixtures with natural material elements are the perfect way to bring style and sustainability into your home. Not only do these pieces make for great accent furniture, they can also provide a unique ambiance and sense of warmth to your living space.


You can find several sustainable home accessories brands that make great handcrafted lighting fixtures with natural material elements. These brands offer a range of styles and materials including wood, rattan, bamboo, stenciled fabric, metal and glass all using environmentally conscious materials and fabrics. In addition to being stylish and durable, these products are designed with organic shapes to create a contemporary aesthetic.


Moreover, there are many other sustainable home accessories brands to choose from if you want even more options for ecofriendly decor. These include furniture made from organic materials such as recycled plastic or sustainably harvested wood; upcycled furniture created from materials like old shipping containers; handmade rugs crafted from natural fibers such as jute or hemp; and lamps made with recycled materials like aluminum cans.


Whether you’re looking for an eyecatching lamp or a beautiful accent piece for your living space, handcrafted lighting fixtures with natural material elements is the perfect solution! With so many sustainable home accessories brands offering ecofriendly decor options, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and reduces your carbon footprint at the same time!


Bamboo or Wooden Serving Trays and Boards

When it comes to furnishing your home with sustainable and ecofriendly materials, bamboo and wooden serving trays and boards are a great option. Bamboo and wood are both renewable resources, making them an ideal choice for those looking to create an environmentally conscious home.


These serving trays and boards are lightweight yet incredibly durable, meaning that they can hold up against regular use in the kitchen or dining room. Plus, they look great; their natural aesthetic will add a touch of cozy charm to any dining area. And because they’re made from natural materials, they’re easy to clean and maintain for years of use.


Beyond just being practical kitchen accessories, bamboo and wooden serving trays and boards can also be used as accent furniture for decor. Their unique designs make them perfect for displaying favorite items or as part of a living room accent wall design. You can even use them to bring some rustic flair to your patio by placing pillows or throws on top!


Overall, bamboo and wooden serving trays and boards are great sustainable options for home accessories. Not only do they create a natural aesthetic in your kitchen or dining area, but they are also lightweight yet incredibly durable — perfect for everyday use. Plus, because they’re made from renewable resources, you can feel good about adding these pieces into your home without sacrificing style or comfort!


Home Artwork Crafted from Natural Materials

Bring the outdoors in with home artwork crafted from natural materials. Sustainable decor can be both stylish and earthfriendly, and natural materials can be used to create oneofakind pieces that can enhance the aesthetics of your home. Ecofriendly home accessories not only look great, but they also support a green lifestyle.


Sustainable living has come a long way in recent years, and there are now plenty of places where you can source beautiful handmade pieces made from recycled, sustainable materials. Whether you’re looking for wall art, lighting, rugs or accent furniture, there are a number of companies that specialize in making products from natural materials.


Wooden products are a great way to add warmth to any room; elegant handcrafted wooden tables or shelves instantly bring character to any interior space. If you’d like to make an even bigger statement, consider investing in some larger accent furniture such as headboards or dressers made from sustainable woods like bamboo or cork. And don’t forget about handmade lighting! There are many unique pendant lights and wall sconces available that will light up your space without compromising on sustainability.


Vintage goods are also great options for ecofriendly decor as they have been preloved and give unique pieces a second life – plus they easily fit into any décor style! For those who prefer something more abstract should look for glass artworks; each piece is tailored carefully to your needs creating a unique and original design that won’t fade with time.


Choosing sustainable home accessories means you’re contributing positively towards the health of our planet – so start exploring all the options available today and find the perfect


Natural Fibers for Window Coverings, Curtains & Blinds

When it comes to creating a cozy, sustainable home with ecofriendly decor, natural fibers are the way to go. For window coverings, curtains and blinds, there are lots of options made from natural materials that are both beautiful and practical. Hemp and jute offer strong textures with a rustic appearance, bamboo components provide a hint of elegance, and recycled fabrics deliver a sense of sophistication.


Whether you’re looking for curtains that feature cotton, bamboo or hemp blends, there are several sustainable brands offering earth friendly selections. Ecoconscious shoppers can find offerings from brands like Oliver & Rain that provide classic nursery furniture made from organic cottons and other plant based materials. Others such as Wild One Goods offers blinds in all sizes made from jute or hemp perfect for windows with broad expanses of sunshine!


For an added bonus, these same brands also build beautiful accent furniture pieces crafted from renewable resources. You can find reclaimed wood tables paired with fabric seating that adds a sense of warmth while staying true to your lifestyle commitment to sustainability.


No matter the style you have in mind for your windows or accent furniture pieces, there are plenty of ecofriendly brands offering everything you need for an ecofriendly home makeover. With the right knowledge on natural fibers for window coverings and furnishings made from the Earth’s renewable resources, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect fit for your sustainable decor needs!


How to Choose the Perfect Eco-Friendly Decor for Your Home

When it comes to updating your home décor, choosing the perfect ecofriendly decor is an important part of becoming more sustainable. But what exactly is ecofriendly decor? Ecofriendly decor is furniture and accessories made with sustainability in mind. This means that the materials used are either recycled, reclaimed, or created with low emissions, little water waste and no chemical pollutants.


Now that you know the definition of ecofriendly decor, let’s explore some of the benefits of bringing sustainable items into your home. One key benefit of opting for more ecofriendly furnishings is that they often last longer than their mass produced counterparts. This makes them a great choice if you’re looking for options that can stand the test of time. Additionally, furniture made from naturally occurring materials like wood and bamboo are inherently durable and don’t require chemical treatments or finishes—great for those who want to avoid offgassing.


When it comes down to actually choosing ecofriendly pieces for your home, accent furniture is a great place to start. You can find smaller pieces such as side tables and ottomans with small environmental footprints that don’t break the bank. You may even come across brands like Coppley Furniture or Ace & Jig who specialize in creating unique, sustainable pieces using responsibly sourced materials and ethical manufacturing practices. There are also companies like Thuka who make beds frames out of solid wood with low VOC finishes so you can sleep easy knowing they’re not emitting harmful chemicals into your bedroom air!


So, when shopping for new home accessories remember that there are plenty of sustainable options out there! With a bit of research you’ll be able to find brands making items from recycled materials as well


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